Koorana crocodile farm

Crocodile Awareness Course


These half day courses are designed for those people whose job requires them to be in water or near water where there may be crocodiles.

The course comes with reference material supplied and deals mainly with the signs of crocodiles being present in or around the area that people could be working.

Typical attendees are employees of Gov. Departments – Water Resources, Primary Industries, Armed forces, Police, Environment, Sun water etc. as well as people from private contract companies whose job it is to be near water – bridge inspectors, divers, surveyors etc.

Crocodile Handling Training Courses


This 5 day (4 night) course is designed to give those people that are already in the zoo industry or the crocodile farming industry an opportunity to learn the correct methods of handling crocodiles from hatchlings to mature adults. The course also covers such things as incubation, hatching, foods and feeding, welfare, behaviour and biology.

Typical attendees are those people wishing to gain knowledge and experience and enter the zoo or farming industries, those already in the industries but need to hone their skills and tour guides that need to relate knowledge to the public. The course also runs at night and is thus a live on site at Koorana with all accommodation and food supplied.


Send us an email or call to discuss your needs.

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